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Back Hoe's, Excavators, Heavy Duty Compressors, and much more....

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Welcome to A to Z Rental...

Where renting tools and equipment is easy !
Whether you need heavy-duty construction equipment or you're missing that all important power tool for your home remodeling project. Here at A to Z Rental you can find it at a good price. We rent by the day(s) or week(s), however long you need your rental equipment. Also remember, at your next party or event, you can find all your tents, chairs, audio/video and other equipment at A to Z Rental, your one stop to find it all. Find out if we have what you need.
Find out where we are located.
We are conveniently located on 1252 College Avenue, in Elmira, just south of Woodlawn Ave. We're open every day from 7:30 to 5:30 pm except Sundays we're closed. We look forward to getting you set up for your next project! Map & Directions.

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